At Blue Water Equine Hospital, our priority is your horse...providing compassionate, 
individualized care.
Excellence in Equine Medicine, Surgery, and Reproduction

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Blue Water Equine Hospital
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Serving St. ClairLapeerMacombOaklandGenesee, and Sanilac counties
Horse Owners choose Blue Water Equine Hospital because:

Specialized Equine Care: Our team of veterinary specialists focus on maintaining the highest standards and providing the latest knowledge and expertise in areas of sports medicine, internal medicine, chiropractic/acupuncture, reproduction, and preventative care.

Compassionate Care:  You will be hard-pressed to find an equine veterinary team that is as committed to you and your horse.  We want to offer the best available treatment options that will meet your needs.

State-the-art Hospital:  Our hospital is equipped with an in-house laboratory, surgery suite, ICU, and indoor arena.  We also offer digital imaging and endoscopy, among other diagnostic & treatment options.

"Blue Water Equine was there when I needed them...they will always be my first choice when my horse is injured."
- Andrea 
Winter Dental Health Special

​Complete Equine Dental for $150
(Savings of over $75 per horse!!)

In-Hospital Call Charge
Oral Exam
Performance Powerfloat

Is your horse ready for Winter???
This is a great opportunity to have a wellness evaluation 
completed on your horse to ensure they are ready for the cold weather!!

During: November, December 

Now Extending our Dental Health Special through January and February 2019 

Additionally, a 10% discount 
will be offered on:

Sheath Cleaning
Fecal Examination for Parasites

At Blue Water Equine Hospital, our priority is your horse...providing compassionate, individualized care.
Do you know the 
normal vitals of a horse?

Temperature: 99-101.0 F
Heart Rate: 32 - 44 beats per minute

Respiration Rate: 8-16 breaths per minute

Capillary Refill Time: less than 2 seconds

Mucous Membranes: pale pink 

Ask your veterinarian to show you how to properly take your horse’s temperature, pulse, and respiration, and check capillary refill time and mucous membranes. In the event of an illness or emergency, this information will enable you to give your veterinarian a more complete medical history.
Equine Wellness and Emergency Assurance Program

We are continuing our Wellness Program this year!  
This program has been developed to provide a discounted-cost, comprehensive healthcare plan for your horse.

Click Here for Details

This program includes a preventative care package and emergency fee discounts.  Save over $200 yearly providing the best care for your horse.