Blue Water Equine Hospital is committed to providing reliable resources for owners to make the best healthcare decisions for their horse.

If you have any questions regarding the healthcare of your horse, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.  

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Equine Wellness and Emergency Assurance Program
Our Wellness Program is a wonderful thing for every horse owner.

Spring Visit:
Call Charge
Wellness Exam
6-way vaccine (EWT, Flu/Rhino,WNV)
PHF Vaccine 
Rabies Vaccine*
Fall Visit:
Call Charge
Wellness Exam
Flu/Rhino Vaccines
Dental Power Float *
    Including Sedation
Fecal Egg Count for Parasites*

Program Value is $671.00

Total Cost Per Horse is $525.00

That is Over 22% Savings ($146)
*Rabies Vaccine, Dental Float and Fecal are performed once yearly-can be Spring or Fall. 

Each horse enrolled in the program is eligible for 50% discount off their after hours in-area emergency fee ($74.00 off per after hours emergency) at any time during the year, and no daytime emergency fees. There is no limit to the numbers of eligible emergency calls.

Also, receive 10% off: yearly Coggins, Sheath Hygiene, and any additional vaccines