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Fall Thoughts...

by Jessica Younk on 08/20/12

Summer isn't over yet!  But with kids going back to school and the days getting shorter, we can't help but think about the coming fall season.  The leaves will be turning soon and cider mills will be in full swing before long!  While we all love cider & donuts, we have to ask...what does fall mean to your horse?  For most, fall is a great time for beautiful trail rides and relaxing days as show seasons wind down. 

From our perspective, we start thinking about getting your horse ready for the usual cold Michigan winter.  Do you have a good feeding program for them?  Are they protected from respiratory infections by appropriate vaccination?  Have their teeth been examined recently to ensure they can chew and process their hay through the winter?  Other things to consider are stable management issues:  Is their shelter adequate?  Do they have a good water source that will not freeze?

Now is the time to start considering the answers to these questions.  To ensure your horse is prepared for winter, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian to discuss these issues and any others you might be concerned about.  Our clinic will also be offering several educational seminars throughout the fall and winter.  We would love to have everyone join us.  And we may even have some donuts & ciders!!

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