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Blue Water Equine Hospital is commited to providing reliable resources for owners to make the best healthcare decisions for their horse.

If you have any questions regarding the healthcare of your horse, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.  One of our doctors will be happy to answer your questions.
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Welcome to Blue Water Equine Hospital

by Jessica Younk on 08/16/12

We are excited to introduce a new array of educational opportunities to horse owners in Michigan!  This inaugural post will hopefully be the first of many updates that will be provided on a weekly basis.  Our goal is to provide relevant healthcare information and answer some of the most common healthcare questions posed by you as horse owners.  We want to hear your questions!!  Please email us at office@bluewaterequinehospital with "Ask the Vet" in the subject and we will either respond to your email or post your question with answer on our website.  We will also keep you updated on current equine health issues for Michigan horses such as contagious disease outbreaks and medical breakthroughs.  Please feel free to visit us often, send us your questions, and join us on Facebook! 

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