Blue Water Farm Services
Veterinary Care For:
Eye problems and or injury can cause a very painful problem for your animal. Eye problems and injury are something that should be treated as soon as possible.
Herd Health:
Herd Health is very important so we can maintain a happy and healthy herd. A herd health exam offers us an opportunity to check each animal to make sure they are thriving.
Part of a well maintained herd is vaccinations. Vaccines may help prevent illnesses and diseases. It can also make treatment of the illness and diseases easier to treat and or manage. Vaccinations can also help the spread of disease and illness from animal to animal and from animal to human.   
We offer emergency services for established clients.We have portable x ray and ultrasound, in House blood work.
Lameness has a lot to do with poor performance and attitude.The most common cause of lameness is pain but it can also be neurological. 

Ultrasound Pregnancy check:
We offer ultrasound pregnancy check for your animals. The benefit of ultrasound Pregnancy checks are we are able to detected Pregnancy earlier to help with the planing for the new arrivals.