Treatment areas are equipped with sufficient space to accomodate any horse and treatment stocks for the safety of both our patients and staff. 
Excellence in Equine Medicine, Surgery, and Reproduction

Blue Water Equine Hospital features a surgical suite, in-house laboratory, and indoor arena.  Our facility, utilized by our highly-skilled veterinarians, provides advanced treatment options for local horse owners.
Surgical suite and induction/recovery stall facilitates basic and advanced surgical procedures.  Heavily padded recovery area provides a safe anesthetic recovery for our patients.  Our hospital is equipped for soft-tissue, emergency, and orthopedic procedures, including arthroscopy.
Hospital stalls are utilized for hospitalized patients, including routine in-patient procedures. This allows us to monitor surgical patients or provide intensive medical treatment for colics and sick foals. 
In-house laboratory is fully-equipped to process routine bloodwork, emergency labwork and fecal exams.  This enables our hospital to monitor patients anytime day or night, making timely adjustments to treatment.  
Turnout areas provide an opportunity for hospitalized patients to stretch their legs.  Controlled excercise is beneficial for many of our patients.
Ambulatory trucks are fully stocked for both routine and emergency medical treatment at your barn.  Our digital ultrasound and radiography units are also portable for on-farm diagnostics.
The indoor arena is utilized for lameness and prepurchase exams.  Many times our hospitalized patients will also be turned-out or handwalked to facilitate their recovery.

Blue Water Equine Hospital is committed to providing the best veterinary care for your horse.