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Equine Chiropractic Care

Blue Water Equine Hospital is excited to announce that Dr. Jessica Younk is now certified in animal chiropractic, specializing in horses.  After 200+ hrs of professional training in functional neurology and animal chiropractic, Dr. Younk is now offering equine chiropractic adjustments.

Many of you are already familiar with Dr. Younk's experience and impressive results in equine performance horse medicine.  She is excited to offer chiropractic care as an additional sports medicine therapy to help your horse perform at their best.
How do I know if my horse can benefit from an adjusment?

Does your horse have any stiffness or loss of impulsion?
Do you plan to compete with your horse?
Is your horse recovering from any recent lameness issues?
Does your horse have difficulty with lateral flexion?

Chiropractic care can provide significant improvement in overall mobility 
and performance for any equine athlete!!

If you have further questions about equine chiropractic care, please contact our office for more information or to schedule your appointment.


Usually, beginning in October of each year, we will offer our 
In-Clinic Dental Health Special. 

    Includes: In-House Call Charge,         Oral Exam, Sedation,         Performance Powerfloat

                    Additionally, a 10% discount will be                     offered on: Sheath Cleaning,                     Bloodwork, Fecal Examination for                     Parasites 

Contact our office regarding
updated pricing 
for the Dental Health Special